MSP430 Puppy is an open-source development board, built around the MSP430F5510 microcontroller from Texas Instruments. The tiny, bread-board friendly form factor (57.9 x 22.8 mm2) makes it an ideal choice for testing and prototyping. MSP430 Puppy offers 20 GPIOs along with 4 ADCs, brought out on 28 pinheads on the periphery of the device.


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The MSP430 Puppy was designed and developed by a team of contributors mentored by Prof. Dhananjay V. Gadre at Texas Instruments’ Centre for Embedded Product Design (TI-CEPD),Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Dwarka, Delhi, India .
The product development cycle was spread over a couple of months starting from October 2014.
Prof. Gadre and his students intend to promote this low-cost programmer in the upcoming microcontroller trainings across colleges in India and abroad.

Key Features

Pin Out

Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 VCC Digital power supply (+3.3V)
2 GND Digital ground supply
3 P1.7 GPIO/Timer
4 P1.6 GPIO/Timer/Comparator
5 P1.5 GPIO/Timer
6 P1.4 GPIO/Timer
7 P1.3 GPIO/Timer
8 P1.2 GPIO/Timer
9 P1.1 GPIO/Timer/BSL receive input
10 P1.0 GPIO/Timer/ACLK output
11 P6.0 GPIO/Comparator/ADC
12 P6.1 GPIO/Comparator/ADC
13 P6.2 GPIO/Comparator/ADC
14 P6.3 GPIO/Comparator/ADC
15 P4.0 GPIO/SPI
16 P4.1 GPIO/SPI/I2C
17 P4.2 GPIO/SPI/I2C
18 P4.3 GPIO/SPI
21 P4.6 GPIO
22 P4.7 GPIO
23 RST SBW data input/output
24 TST SBW input clock
25 GND Digital ground supply
26 GND Digital ground supply
27 GND Digital ground supply
28 +5V Digital power supply (+5V)


Unboxing the MSP430 Puppy

MSP430 Puppy comes in a small box that includes:

  • mini-USB cable
  • MSP430 Puppy Board
  • Getting started card

We ensure that your Puppy is healthy! To make sure, just plug it into your PC and see the user LED blinking. With this, you are good to go!

Programming the MSP430 Puppy


It’s time to get started with programming the Puppy. Here is a short tutorial on how to program the Puppy Board through USB, using the BSL(Bootstrap Loader) switch interface. One needs a special software tool for this task, namely the Python-based firmware upgrader which is a part of the MSP430 USB Developer’s Pack by Texas Instruments. Here is a link for downloading the same
Before following the steps given below, one has to create a .txt file from the main.c file using
Code Composer Studio.

1. On opening the Python Firmware Updater, you will get the following screen.
2. Now in order to put the device in BSL Mode, press the reset switch along with the BSL switch.
Release the reset switch first, followed by the BSL switch.
3. Next, click on File — > Rescan HID Bus.
4. You will get a “ready” signal.
5. To upload the .txt file of the code, click on File — > Open User Firmware.
6. Choose the right path of the .txt file and click on Open.
6. While the code is being downloaded, you will get the following screen.
7. After successful programming the following confirmation screen appears.


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Getting Started with Code Examples


Here are the code examples to get you started with MSP430 Puppy:
CCS Code Examples
Energia Code Examples

Eagle Files

MSP430 Puppy Schematic File
MSP430 Puppy Board File
MSP430 Puppy Eagle Library Part
Bill of Materials-BOM

Reference Material

MSP430F5510 Datasheet
MSP430F5510 Userguide


Nikhilesh Prasannakumar
Nidhi Sharma
Ritika Malik